Dog Boarding

$30* - 1x dog boarding

$52* - 2x dog boarding (same owner)

$72* - 3x dog boarding (same owner)

$35* - puppy boarding (under 8 months of age)


5% discount on 30+ consecutive boarding days/nights (Dogs and puppies)*

*if 2 dogs come from the same family, 1 night is calculated per dog, so the discount applies after 14 days

A daycare fee is applied on the last day of boarding if the dog was dropped off in the morning of the first day and picked up in the afternoon of the last day. 



$20* - dog daycare

$24* - puppy daycare (under 8 months of age)

Dogs must be picked up before 6pm, otherwise a boarding fee will apply


Daycare dogs
10days : 5% off, 190$
20 days: 10% off, 360$
30 days: 15% off, 510$

Daycare Puppies (under 8months)
10 days: 5% off, 228$
20 days: 10% off, 432$
30 days: 15% off, 612$



$0.75 per KM


Cancellation Policy

We require a 48 hours notice for any cancellations; otherwise a cancellation fee will apply.

* Price does not include HST. We accept cash or cheque.

All rates include adjusted playtime for your dog, treats and administration of medication if required.