Our Services


Your dog will be evaluated by the team to determine the appropriate play group that will suit him/her better. Your dog will then be assigned to a specific group that is the most appropriate considering his/her size, age, communication skills, play style and temperament.

We provide a perfectly balanced schedule with playtime and nap time so that your dog is not under or over stimulated! We will adjust to your dog's needs based on the level of playtime and exercise required. Group playtime is held outside multiple times a day, depending on the weather conditions. Our 3 play areas are large and fenced-in where all the dogs have access to shade and water at all times. We also have access to 2000 square feet inside play area for when the weather is not cooperating! For the less energetic or not so social dogs, we provide individual playtime if more appropriate.

Benefits doggy daycare would bring to your dog:

1) Routine: which better helps with overall doggy manners and owner to dog relationship.
2) Socialization: which helps your dog learn to better communicate with others.
3) Desensitization: to noises, stimulants, other dogs and humans, which helps prevent aggressive and reactive behaviors to things, dogs and humans.
4) Exercise: lowers his energy levels at home and helps to prevent behavior problems such as anxiety, destructiveness and unruly behaviors. Also helps with better training outcome.
5) Safety: where your dog is not left at home for long periods of time and potentially getting into unwanted behaviors.


We have rooms of different sizes to suit your dog's needs for an overnight stay. We believe that it is important for our canine visitors to have individual rooms at night to assure a good, safe and quality night’s sleep. We also serve meals in the rooms for cleanliness and safety. Boarding dogs are out in group play or individual play during the day just like the daycare dogs. See our daycare service for more information.


YES we will pick up and drop off your dog! Ask us about our shuttle services! 613-455-6100